A car-free campus can become a reality – proposals for how now being developed

Two years ago, in the university's sustainability agreement with the two largest property owners, Akademiska Hus and Kanico, a goal was set for a traffic-free campus. The property owners then offered to hold a workshop and engage architects to develop a proposal. In November, after the pandemic, the workshop finally took place. 

The workshop was attended by representatives of the city government, such as the head architect and head gardener, and representatives from the Planning Board and the Technical Committee, as well as representatives from the property owners, Kanico and Akademiska Hus. Participation from the university was broad with representatives from leadership, the Faculties, and Professional Services, as well as the Student Union. Two architects from Sweco, engaged by the property owners Kanico and Akademiska Hus, led the day and will prepare sketches and proposals based on what was discussed at the workshop.