The journey towards becoming a colour researcher

“Researchers explore topics such as colour theory, colour harmony, the psychological impact of different colour combinations, and how to use colour to convey meaning, evoke emotions, and create visually engaging compositions. I am fascinated by how the use of colour and light can create dynamic patterns. I believe this area of research has great potential for design when it comes to sustainability,” said Marjan Kooroshnia.

Like all research areas, colour research is about advancing knowledge, in this particular case about how to use colour and light in the design of dynamic patterns.

”This knowledge serves as the foundation for progress in various art and design fields. The result of my research plays a central role in advancing education and learning. It can be used in the context of well-being and design when it comes to sustainability,” said Marjan Kooroshnia.

She is the coordinator of the ArcInTex research network, where Architecture, Interaction Design and Textiles join forces in developing ideas, techniques, methods and programs for new perspectives on design for building, dwelling and living. Marjan Kooroshnia is also the coordinator of master's programs in textile and fashion design.

You have a great deal of experience and have participated in several international projects. What significance does it have to receive the merit of Associate Professor?

”Becoming an Associate Professor is a significant milestone in an academic career*, which signifies professional growth and achievement. It demonstrates a high level of expertise in my field of study. Associate Professors typically have teaching responsibilities at the doctoral level. I am happy to start supervising doctoral students. Also, Associate Professors are actively engaged in research and applying for grants. I will produce more original research, publish, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in my field,” said Marjan Kooroshnia.

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*The merit of Associate Professor (or Docent in Swedish) is a special type of uncompensated academic merit at Swedish universities.
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