Improvements in systematic quality assurance procedures underway

Their task is to identify how the university's systematic approach can be better implemented and how it can be adjusted to better support quality development in education and research. The outcome of the groups' work will result in a list of recommendations on how all of us at the university can work together to improve our systematic quality assurance efforts.

Tobias Richards, Dean of Faculty for the Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business, explained how the systematic approach has worked at his Faculty thus far, “I think the systems work well. We at the Faculty get something out of it and we work with them continuously. It is great that these groups have been set up; they have a very important role to play.”

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The purpose of our quality assurance procedures is to further develop the university according to its needs.

It is important that all employees, in the Faculties as well as within Professional Services, have the opportunity to make suggestions and give input to further develop our systematic quality assurance efforts.

Each follow-up instance will generate a report with feedback and suggestions for improvement, which the Deans of Faculty are then asked to address in their respective Faculties.

About our quality assurance procedures

An evaluation of the Resource Recovery research area at the Faculty was also carried out late last year. The feedback about this received was positive.