Techarena Borås – now with bigger muscles for more innovation

“Now we have the opportunity to create something really exciting together with the business community in the area and increase both innovation capacity and research in tech,” said Professor Gustaf Juell-Skielse, who is also the Techarena Project Leader at the University of Borås.

Techarena in Varberg

Nine million SEK of the total sum will be used to create a sister arena in Varberg, a further development of the community around tech. Just like in Borås, the technology arena will build the infrastructure and be a source of knowledge so that tech companies and Campus Varberg together can create the conditions for innovative solutions and business models. The
project will be run by Micha Björck, development manager at the Alexanderson Institute in Varberg Municipality.

More sprints and more focus on lifelong learning

For the university, more resources will be required to work within Techarena Borås in the future.
"Everything is not nailed down yet, but now we have the opportunity to expand what we have started. This means, among other things, many more development sprints, more activities to reach out to students, and also to include the smaller tech companies in our collaboration,” said Gustaf Juell-Skielse.

Techarena Borås will also invest more in lifelong learning in the form of professional development for people who are already professionally active and working in today's tech companies.

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