UB researchers among the world's most influential

It shows the top 2% of researchers with the most citations – a common, if not controversial, method of ranking research. The list is divided into lifetime performance and performance for 2022. In it, individual researchers are ranked according to citation data; the more often other authors refer to the individual researcher's work, the higher the ranking. They are classified in 22 research fields and 176 sub-fields and the ranking is based on publications in Scopus, an extensive citation database owned by Elsevier.

In total, more than 210,000 researchers are on the list for 2022, and from the University of Borås, the following researchers are included (in alphabetical order based on first name):

  • Annelie Sundler, Professor of Caring Science
  • Björn Hammarfelt, Associate Professor of Library and Information Science
  • Johan Herlitz, Post Retirement Professor of Prehospital Emergency Care
  • Jorge Ferreira, PhD in Resource Recovery
  • Mohammad Taherzadeh, Professor of Bioprocess Technology
  • Rudrajeet Pal, Professor of Textile Management
  • Steven Wainaina, Associate Senior Lecturer in Resource Recovery
  • Thomas Wilson, Professor Emeritus of Library and Information Science
  • Vincent Nierstrasz, Professor of Textile Materials Technology