How a researcher develops: focus on the supervisor's role in educational journal

“In this way, we hope to contribute to knowledge development about what it means to be and become a doctoral supervisor, to reflect on what it means in relation to one’s own context and how it is affected by the supervisor practices that exist in one’s research area. We also want to show that our own courses can lead to more research publications,” said Petra Angervall, Editor-in-Chief of the journal and professor at the Department of Educational Work at the University of Borås.

Common among the researchers who contributed material to the issue is that they all participated in or taught a doctoral supervision course at the University of Borås, Sweden. They all also have a common interest in the concept of "supervisor identity and development." Some international researchers have also joined the theme issue and contributed to a broad spectrum in the field. The articles concern, among other things, supervisor stress, professional development programmes for supervisors, the origin of advising, gender and power relations in supervision, and how supervisors are shaped.

“In addition to developing a rewarding course, we wanted to draw on the experience and knowledge in place in our courses and work together to publish this for an international audience,” said Petra Angervall.

She hopes the journal issue will promote dialogue among national as well as international researchers and other actors in higher education.

“Talking about societal change, new needs, and problems is central to the development of knowledge, and scientific open access journals like ours play an important role here,” Angervall said.

Journal of Praxis in Higher Education (JPHE)

The Journal of Praxis in Higher Education (JPHE) is an online educational journal published by the University of Borås that focuses on highlighting and critically discussing practices in higher education. The first issue of JPHE came out in November 2019 and new issues are published twice a year.
The current issue to which the article refers is: (Vol. 5 No. 2 (2023))

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