Vision, goals and strategies

The university's vision statement is as follows:

Together, we take responsibility for the future. Through continually developing distinctive education and research, we make a difference.

This vision means that for us, taking responsibility is a given – in education, in research, on campus, and in collaboration with the wider community. Each employee's daily accomplishments form a tapestry of unique threads that together make a difference. We are cutting-edge and leave a distinct impression on everything we do. We are bold and we work together across boundaries.

The Governing Board of the University of Borås adopted this new vision statement for the university in February of 2020. Based on this new vision for the university, new objectives and strategies has been developed. These were decided on by the Governing Board in December 2020.


The university's goals for 2021-2025 are: The attractive university and Complete academic environments 2.0.

The attractive university

In order to meet the challenges and expectations that higher education and research face, it is important for the University of Borås to be an attractive university. The attractive university affirms and encourages free and critical thinking, questions established truths, and, with a scientific approach, both challenges and participates in the public debate. At an attractive university, differing opinions and competencies are respected, and we have the ability to conduct constructive discussions based on facts. The attractive university takes responsibility for the future and the goals formulated in Agenda 2030. This means that a global perspective and gender mainstreaming are self-evident aspects of our education and research.

The attractive university is attractive both to present and future students and to staff and conducts its work together with external partners in the public sector, business and industry, and cultural life.

Complete academic environments 2.0

To ensure the high quality of education and research at the University of Borås, the university is to have complete academic environments. A complete academic environment is characterised by a balance and a close relationship between our educational programmes and research as well as degree-awarding powers at all levels of the educational system. A complete academic environment is likewise characterised by nationally and internationally recognised environments as well as sustainable development, gender equality, and internationalisation, in accordance with Agenda 2030.

A complete academic environment has well-developed collaborations with the surrounding society and a balance between research that is externally funded and that receives direct government funding.


We use the following strategies to achieve our goals.

  • Digitalisation
  • Continually developing distinctive education and research
  • Environments for learning
  • Together and in collaboration