If you are injured at the workplace or on your way to or from work, you can receive compensation from your occupational injury insurance. When conducting work travel, you are covered by work travel insurance. The group life insurance through the National Government Employee Pensions Board provides financial protection for survivors in connection with death.

Collective agreement

As an employee, you are covered by central collective agreements which, for all governmental employees, regulate general employment conditions such as salary and various types of compensation, sideline activities, working hours, holiday, and other leave. Both Saco-S and OFR/S have local trade union associations in place.

Conversion agreement

If you have worked with us continuously for at least two years and your employment ends, the Job Security Foundation offers help to find new work and financial support or study support if you want to study further. 


As a governmental employee, you have generous pension conditions. For example, you receive an occupational pension that supplements the national retirement pension to which everyone is entitled, and you also have the option of choosing to exchange salary (salary exchange) in exchange for the employer’s paying the corresponding amount to your occupational pension.