Appeals of employment decisions

How to appeal an employment decision

If you wish to appeal against an employment decision concerning a position you applied for, your appeal must be received by us within three weeks of the date on which the decision was posted on the University of Borås’s notice board. Late appeals will not be considered.

An appeal must be in writing and addressed to the Higher Education Appeals Board, but sent to:

University of Borås
501 90 BORÅS

You can also send an email to:

Your appeal must include:

  • the decision you are appealing, including its reference number
  • how you want the decision to be changed
  • the reasons why you think the decision should be changed

Provided that the appeal request has been received in due time, the University of Borås will promptly transfer the case to the Higher Education Appeals Board, which has the task of examining the appeal. A decision of the Higher Education Appeals Board cannot be appealed.

Decisions on doctoral studentship employment cannot be appealed (Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 12 § 2).

Do you want to read more about making an appeal? 

More information about appeals can be found on the Higher Education Appeals Board's website.