Amin Omrani

Alumnus of the year 2023

Alumnus of the year 2023 – Amin Omrani

"My career has largely been about entrepreneurship and company building, often in a wide variety of industries. It has been extremely fun and educational, but also challenging,” said Amin Omrani.

He is the founder and CEO of the Rebellion Group, a group of companies consisting of 17 business units and a turnover of approximately SEK 1.1 billion.

"The majority of the companies are located in Sweden, but they also have operations in Denmark and Finland. In total, about 400 people work in the group. The goal is to continue to grow, both organically and through acquisitions, in the coming years," he explained.

His career began with studies in Borås

But how did you end up in that world and what does your connection to Borås look like?

"I actually grew up in Borås to a large extent. The reason I then chose to study at the university is because this was where the educational programme I was interested in was located, namely Industrial Engineering and Management.

After his studies in Borås, the idea was that he would study for a doctorate at Chalmers. But at the same time, he was offered a job as a business developer in the company Serendipity in Stockholm.

"It sounded exciting and I chose to jump on that opportunity. For ten instructive years, I worked in different roles.”

Building companies from the ground up

Eventually, he was entrusted to take on the CEO role at Serendipity. The business idea was to start new companies, based on Swedish cutting-edge research, in a number of different areas, from advanced ceramic materials to orthopaedic implants and biopharmaceuticals. Most of the companies that were built were listed on Nasdaq along the way.

"We really built from the ground up, from an idea, and worked with everything from business development to raising capital and working with customers. It was extremely instructive and it was a very entrepreneurial environment with a fast pace,” he said.

In 2019, Amin Omrani left Serendipity to found Rebellion, the idea behind which is to acquire and develop niche companies in industry and infrastructure. Today, Rebellion is his only operational commitment.

"I think everyone needs to feel that they have a purpose, goal, and context, and if try enough things, you will find the right one in the end."

What is it that has driven you to where you are in your career today?

"There's a lot of curiosity and a bit of performance anxiety. I usually say that performance anxiety is my driving force but also sometimes my nemesis. I've always had an innate drive to want to go far with whatever I've taken on. During my youth it was judo, then it was my studies, and then entrepreneurship has taken over. I think all people need to feel that they have a purpose, goal, and context. There have been times in life where it has not been entirely clear what that purpose and goal is for me, but then I have always just found something new to put focus and energy on and if you try enough things, you will find the right one in the end.”

What does it mean for you to be named Alumnus of the Year?

"It is a great honour and I humbly thank you for it. Several old classmates have now contacted me and it has made me think back on my time as a student and sent me on a trip down memory lane with many wonderful memories. I hope that this can inspire and spur others who are either thinking about furthering their education or are students and thinking about next steps after completing their education.”

Amin Omrani
Currently: Alumnus of the Year 2023 University of Borås
Comes from: Born in Iran, grew up in Borås
Works as: CEO of Rebellion (founder of the company)
Studies at the University of Borås: Industrial Engineering and Management with a focus on machinery followed by a Master's degree in logistics during the years 2005–2009.
In his spare time: I work out, hang out with friends and family, read, and try to keep my interest in flying going and fly as often as time and weather allow.


"Amin Omrani is not only a brilliant role model for young people with a foreign background, but also an inspirational force that clearly shows that education opens doors to good career opportunities and also enables responsible entrepreneurship. Amin's career has been impressive. His drive has not only made its mark within the Serendipity Group, where he spent 10 years, four of them as CEO, but also by starting Rebellion, a group of companies mainly based in Sweden.

Amin Omrani is a prominent investor and entrepreneur who has been named one of Sweden's super talents not once, but twice. His successes and achievements stand as proof of his skill and dedication to his work. Most importantly, his role as a source of inspiration for young talent in the field. Through his involvement in networks working to encourage young people in disadvantaged areas, he has shown that it is possible to overcome difficulties and succeed, regardless of background. His success confirms that the potential within each individual serves as an important link between academic success and societal impact."

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Text: Solveig Klug, translation Eva Medin
Photo: Anders Modin