Jerker Kryander

Alumnus of the year 2023

Alumnus of the year 2023 – Jerker Kryander

We meet at the University of Borås, in premises that have changed shape since he was a student. Jerker Kryander talks about many fond memories from his time as a student in the Civil Engineering programme.

Encourages students to network

Networking and making the most of contacts is something Jerker returns to several times during the interview.

"I try to impress upon the students that it's important to build up their network of contacts.”

Broadening his education by taking extra courses is something he also recommends. He took extra courses, including in CAD, which led to him being given responsibility for the company's digital drawing program at the architectural firm Creacon. Later, he also became a partner in the architectural firm.

In 2011, Creacon was sold to the venerable Tengbom, one of Scandinavia's leading architecture practices.

"It is Tengbom that has designed the town hall at Stora Torget in Borås and also the former bank building opposite, on the other side of the square," he added.

Here, too, his entrepreneurial streak led to advancement to various managerial roles, and has now landed in a role as Business Development Manager for the Western Region, combined with Director for the office in Borås. He has been a partner at Tengbom for almost ten years.

His relationship with the University of Borås is not just from his having been a student. He has also been a member of the Programme Council for the Civil Engineering programme for years. In this respect, he is an important link between education and business and industry. He also meets the new students at arranged construction events where companies meet students and where the important networking for them begins.

Passionate about sustainable community building

Over the years, his interest in sustainable development has also grown. Most recently, he has been involved in projects within Science Park Borås.

One project was about developing a recycling mall, and another went under the working title the Neighborhood of the Future.

What is it that drives you?

"I've been an entrepreneur since I was a child, but over the years I've also become interested in community development. I want to give back to society and contribute to the energy and climate transition and to create a socially sustainable society. Today, I am in a position where I can make a difference.”

What does the connection to the university mean for the industry?

"It means a lot. It is through the meeting with the students, through projects or degree projects, that we acquire new knowledge. At the same time, we in the industry can tell you what knowledge we need.”

What does the Alumnus of the Year award mean to you?

"It's a great honour and it fills me with pride. It sometimes feels a bit unreal.”

Jerker Kryander
From: Grew up in Hillared, but now lives in Borås
Works as: Business Development Manager and Director at Tengbom Architects
The best of the educational programme to become a civil engineer or business engineer: That you get a platform to start from and a network right from the start. You then become colleagues or clients.
In his spare time: Watching football, cheering on Elfsborg, spending time with my family, taking photos – there are a lot of pictures of houses, but also some nature photography, I like to cook – I'm part of a food group that meets a few times a year.


"Jerker Kryander is an accomplished business development manager at the architectural firm Tengbom and a prominent voice for sustainable construction. He is also an inspirational force for current students at the University of Borås. Ever since obtaining his Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Jerker has consistently and dedicatedly worked to promote positive cooperation with the university. His pride in his own studies and development at the University of Borås is obvious and infectious to others. He is known to be genuine and honest in his commitment. His drive for sustainability, social issues and equality makes him a major player in building engagement in various fields, from social sustainability to the reuse of concrete.

Jerker Kryander is a passionate advocate of collaboration and has established himself as a well-known and respected figure in the local area. His involvement spans many areas and is characterised by an impressive breadth. By being an active and influential alumnus of the University of Borås, Jerker Kryander has not only contributed to strengthening the ties between the university and industry, but has also inspired and guided future generations of professional engineers."

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Text: Solveig Klug, translation Eva Medin
Photo: Anna Sigge