Nominate for Alumnus of the Year

Who can make a nomination?

Anyone with a connection to the university such as staff, students, Student Union members, and the university's alumni have the opportunity to nominate candidates for Alumnus of the Year.

Nomination criteria:

  • In order to be named Alumnus of the Year, your nominee must have passed at least 60 credits (or 40 credits according to the degree scheme that applied before 2007), at the University of Borås, which corresponds to one year of full-time studies. It is highly meritorious if your nominee has a degree from the University of Borås.
  • Candidates are to have excelled in their career, made a valuable achievement or effort after their studies, or done something else noteworthy.
  • Your candidate is to be someone who can be assumed to want to be an ambassador for the University of Borås and be a good role model for current and future students as well as for the surrounding society.

Note: Valuable achievement/effort can be, for example: research and education of the highest quality, an important cultural achievement, an active role in society, stimulation of development and innovation, or some other contribution to a better world. Achievements can be regional, national, or international.

Who determines the recipients of the award the Alumnus of the Year?

Decisions on who should be awarded the award are made by the Vice-Chancellor on a proposal prepared by a jury group consisting of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (chair), representatives from the university, the Student Union, Borås Näringsliv, and Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad. The convener and secretary of the jury group is the alumni coordinator.

The award consists of:

This year's alumni receive a diploma
This year's alumni have the opportunity to guest lecture at the University of Borås
This year's alumni is shown on the university’s "Wall of Fame"


Questions can be answered by Annie Andreasson, Director of Communications Office and coordinator for Alumnus of the Year.