What is an alumnus?

From the time you finish your educational programme or course at the university, you can see yourself as an alumnus. To make it easier to understand what the university means by "alumnus," we usually say that you are counted as an alumnus from the time you took your first higher education credit.

As an alumnus, you are considered to be one of the university's ambassadors where you can continue to strengthen your personal brand, your educational programme, and the university after you have completed your education. You do this naturally by telling others what it is like to study at the university or by, for example, giving guest lectures, offering internships at your workplace, and participating in the STARK Career Fair. There are many ways for you to have continued contact with the university after you complete your studies. You choose how.

If you want to keep track of what is happening at the university, you can apply for membership to our various alumni groups on LinkedIn or add yourself to the mailing list for the university's alumni newsletter. The newsletter is planned to be sent out 1-2 times a year.

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