Swedish Language Courses

Swedish as a Foreign Language

Swedish as a Foreign language courses are offered every semester. Instruction is mainly conducted through lectures, individual exercises, and seminars.

Swedish as a Foreign Language- Beginning Course (7.5 ECTS), P1 and P2 (autumn) and P3 (spring)
Students attend two lectures a week (5 hours in total) from a total of four weekly lectures (daytime, afternoon and evening).

Swedish as a Foreign Language- Continuation Course (7.5 ECTS), P2 (autumn) and P4 (spring)
There are a limited number of places in this course.

Application procedure

- Exchange students should apply through TransIT (external link).
Late applications upon request only. Please check if seats are available by emailing to: internationalstudent@hb.se 

- Freemovers apply after arrival to Sweden, in the online learning platform Canvas.


Students who have been registered previous semesters cannot re-apply for the same course. They may, however, ask the course administrator at the course start if there are any places available for re-registration.

Tuition fees

No tuition fees apply.

For further information, please contact the International Office: internationalstudent@hb.se