Payment process

The tuition fee should be paid in advance, one semester at a time. If you do not pay your tuition fee before the advised deadline on the payment information, you will not be allowed to register at the university and begin your studies.

Please note that if you at any time during your time at the University of Borås fail to pay your tuition fees on time, you risk being suspended.

All tuition fees are to be paid in Swedish Krona (SEK). Any additional bank charges must be paid by the student.

Payment of tuition fees

Tution fees must be paid prior to the start of each semester. The deadlines are:

30 May for an autumn semester

15 December for a spring semester

The tuition fee is to be paid to The University of Borås using the following bank details:

Box 7523 

Payments within Sweden
Bank giro:  755-5147

International Payments


Account holder
Högskolan i Borås (The University of Borås)

Mark the payment with the given reference number from your payment information, your name, date of birth (year-month-date) and the text Tuition fee semester XX

Tuition fees and residence permits

We urge you to pay your tuition fee as soon as possible after you are admitted. After receiving the payment confirmation from the university you can proceed and make an application for residence permit.Your application for residence permit will be processed more quickly if your tuition fee has been paid.

Tuition fee refunds

The University of Borås does not refund tuition fees unless it has been established that special circumstances exist which makes it impossible for the student to start the programme or attend lectures. E.g. if a student who has paid the tuition fee does not get a residence permit the university can refund the tuition fee. If a student for some reason is suspended (completely or temporary), the university does not refund the tuition fee. It is the student’s responsibility to provide supporting documentation which confirms the reasons for refund. 

A student who wishes to have his/her tuition fee refunded should send an e-mail to explaining the situation and apply for a refund.

Please note that approved refunds are made to the same account as the payment was made from.

Appeal procedure

If you are suspended because you have not paid the tuition fees on time, you have the right to appeal the suspension to the Board of Appeals. No other decisions regarding payment of tuition fees can be subject to appeal.

For full conditions see our guidelines.pdf