The passion for fashion brought Noémie to Sweden

What is it like being a student at the University of Borås?

“I came here alone, without any landmarks, but I can guarantee you that the University of Borås knows how to welcome the students. The university has incredible resources, organization and people. I don't regret coming here for a year. In addition, the teaching is very interesting and rewarding.”

What is it like being a student in the student city Borås?

“The city of Borås offers great potential for its inhabitants as well as for students. Many events are organized by the university. There are many bars where you can spend good times with your friends. Stores, accommodation and the pretty city core are within easy reach!”

What is it like being a student in Sweden?

“Studying in Sweden is a very enriching project in order to discover a Nordic country which culture and education are very much oriented towards the world. I would say that the biggest difference between France and Sweden is in the way, in which the course weeks are organized. It is undeniable, that in Sweden, there are definitely fewer hours of lectures than in France. The idea behind this concept is that with fewer courses, there is more time for personal projects, and extra-curricular activities, or for a student job. It is a system that values independence. We are more responsible for our future and how we want to organize ourselves. There are also several student associations that focus the environment, student life, travel, but also foreign affairs, etc.“

You study business and management, what is your opinion about the study programme?

“I really like the way of teaching at this Swedish university. The courses are similar to those in France, but the way of teaching is very different. There is one course which I really like, “Scandinavian Consumer Behaviour”, a course which I would never have the opportunity to take in France.“

Sustainable development is targeted at the university within research, as well as in education, how was this expressed in your studies?

“On the management and marketing courses you study it in order to understand how the world can improve when it comes to sustainable development.”

What are your plans for the future?

“In the end of the year, I will return in France to finish my Master's degree in Digital Marketing. In the future I would like to work in a field where marketing and fashion are linked.”

What advice would you give to future students coming here?

“Stop asking yourself questions, and come and study at the University of Borås without hesitation. Learn to know the students and inhabitants of the city, and learn about Swedish culture, you won’t regret it.”

Published: 2019-09-18

Photo: Private photo