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Student City Borås

Borås is a medium-sized Swedish city with about 113,000 inhabitants. The city is well-known in Sweden as a textile and trading centre, rich in innovation and entrepreneurship. In Borås, nothing is too far away; everything you need can be found within the city and the entire city is in close proximity to scenic surroundings. Less than an hour away is the major city of Gothenburg as well as Landvetter Airport. In short, here in Borås you will find all you need for a rich experience when it comes to your studies as well as to your leisure pursuits.  

Borås as a student city

Find tips on good restaurants, activities, training and exercise, and student discounts in Borås.


Centrally located and only ten minutes from the main train and bus station in Borås, the campus of the University of Borås is the clear heart of student life in Borås. You will find everything you need right here on campus! In addition to lecture halls, we have one of Sweden's best libraries, as well as restaurants, cafés, and a student bookstore.

Study and Career Counselling and Student Health Care

Your well-being is important to us. To support you, we have an outstanding team of social counsellors, nurses, and study and career counsellors. Read more under International Student Support.

The Student Union

The Student Union works to ensure that you as a student have the best possible experience at the university. Through events, social activities, and staying informed about the university’s educational programmes, the Student Union helps you in both in your studies and leisure time. Read more on the Student Union's website (external website)

Student Groups

At the University of Borås, there are several independent associations, organisations, and clubs for those who want to get involved or to meet like-minded people and just have fun. Check out the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), a non-profit international student organisation.

Interest groups:

ESN – International student organisation
Looking for Brew – Computer gaming association
Spelföreningen – Gaming association
BORING – Borås Engineers Student Association

Party and event groups:

Otyg – Event group
Sexmästeriet – Party group
Klubb Klemming – Party group
Svina – Event group
7k-skriven – Event association for Humanitas

Read more about the Student Groups here.

Contact the groups via Facebook to learn more!

Work and career

To help you as a student make good contacts within the business community, the university runs, among other things, a service known as “Företag söker dig” (Companies looking for you). You can find job advertisements aimed at students from both local and national companies with offers of degree project jobs, summer jobs, internships, or employment after you have completed your studies.

If you are seeking extra work while you are studying, the university has a job pool for students. By joining the job pool, you can help with practical and administrative tasks during university events, for example. Read more about jobs and careers here.