Onyinyechi wants to run her own company

Why did you choose to study at the Resource Recovery programme?

“Resource Recovery is a programme that taps into nature’s unusable resources (wastes) and turn these resources into useful products. These resources are wastes and I ventured into this area of study because of my vision to have a company where I primarily deal with creating value out of waste materials.”

Can you tell me what students do in this educational programme?

There are three majors in this programme which are intertwined with each other: industrial biotechnology, polymer, and energy technology. Students in this programme aim at converting waste materials into usable products. For instance, recycling of damaged plastics, glass, cans, clothes, etc. into new ones or to create a new product altogether, creating of fibres for fabrics from bio-based materials, production of energy in the form of biofuels from waste products/micro-organisms and lots more.”

Why did you choose to study in Sweden?

“Sweden is widely known as one of the best research countries, especially in the area of converting wastes to usable materials. Studying here in Sweden will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to make a great impact in ensuring a sustainable economy both in my country and the world at large. Also, studying in Sweden exposes me to a new way of life and that has made me see things differently, in the sense that anyone can make a difference irrespective of their background.”

What do you think about studying at the University of Borås?

Studying at the University of Borås has expanded my knowledge, technical expertise, and skills. The environment is conducive to learning, with teachers who impart knowledge in the easiest possible ways, making learning fun. I always enjoy working in the laboratory as there are different tech-equipment and instruments to experiment with. Also, the library and administration unit is always available to help students by answering questions and getting the necessary help that makes studying efficient.”

What do you think about your programme?

“The Resource Recovery programme is an umbrella that houses other study areas and has widespread job opportunities in terms of the labour market. It gives one the opportunity to explore into polymers, energy production, and biotechnology and then choose the area that would form the best basis for your research areas and interests. It is a very versatile programme and there is no restriction to any area you would want to venture into in the future.”

What would you like to do after your graduation?

“Upon graduation, I intend to further my education to a post-doctoral level or work with a reputable organisation (industry or school) where I can apply the knowledge and skills gained.”

Do you have any advice for future students who are thinking about studying in Borås?

My advice to prospective students is that there is no other better place to be than the University of Borås. You will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills needed for future endeavours and learn a new culture similar/different from where you are coming from.”



Text: Lydia Andersson (2021-06-02)
Photo: Private