Raoul Delen exchange student

Raoul bridges his business knowledge to learn about the fashion and textile industry in Borås

Why did you choose the University of Borås as the destination for your exchange semester?

“I have always been picky when buying clothes, and I know that I want to open my own clothing store in the future. For the last couple of years, I have been focusing on the business aspect of it, but when I came across the University of Borås and its recognition for textiles and fashion, it felt like the perfect move for me.”

You have chosen courses in Textile Management, which is a new subject for you. How is it?

“Everything I learn is super interesting! Knowing there is so much more behind a garment than I thought is fascinating. Initially, it was pretty demanding as I had no previous knowledge of textiles. For example, I had not heard the terms in English before, so I had to look them up. But my classmates and teachers have been very supportive. Most of the assignments you must do in groups, which is nice because other students might know a lot about textiles, and you know more about business.”

Which has been your favourite course and why?

“For me, it would be Textile Production. For this course, my group and I must make a new collection for a brand. We only have to make the sketches, but I enjoy it way more since it comes close to real life. It also has a big business side which I have more knowledge about, and it makes up for my lack of knowledge in textiles.”

What has been the most significant difference between studying here and at your home university?

“My home university also works according to the teaching model ‘freedom with responsibility’, and most courses here have an assignment similar to what I am used to. The difference is that some courses here also have written examinations, so technically, each course has more work. But here, you only have two courses simultaneously, while I can have up to four or five courses at once at my home university.”

Looking back, what has been the best part of your experience studying here?

“Related to my studies, it would be the workshops we have had in different courses. We have had guest lecturers present and have interactive exercises with us, which has been great as we don’t do that at my home university.”

“Overall, the best part of my time here would be meeting all the new people from different cultures and countries. The trips that I have done here with my friends have been amazing.”

Do you have any advice for prospective students in Business Administration considering pursuing a semester abroad in Textile Management?

“There are a lot of opportunities in the fashion industry that are relevant to students with a background in business. Still, it is necessary also to have an interest in fashion and textiles. Here, you will get a broad perspective of the fashion and textile industry and, at the same time, gain knowledge that you can apply to other industries as well.”

Raoul Delen exchange student

Raoul Delen, exchange student from Avans University of Applied Sciences.


Text: Gustav Kibe
Photo: Private photo

Published: 2023-12-13