This is the perfect environment for studies in textile design

Why did you choose to study at the University of Borås?

“The Swedish School of Textile is a sister school to my home university in Taiwan. I chose to study here because there are so many facilities like weaving machines and different labs at this university, and I knew that it is definitely a perfect environment for me to learn and improve more. Also, Sweden is well-known for its design, which I really admire, so I decided to give myself a chance to broaden my horizon.”

What is it like being a student at the University of Borås?

“For me, the best thing has been that I got the chance to learn how to use all the facilities and machines here. I have had access to the studio and the labs whenever I wanted to. I could plan my schedule and go deeper into each skills or develop more on my design. The teachers are all very patient and friendly. I’ve learnt a lot and really appreciate the time here.“

What is it like being a student in the student city Borås?

“I really like Borås. It’s a beautiful and peaceful city. There are lots of students here, and it is really nice to join some of the activities for students, and I have also got some good friends. It’s also easy to visit other cities nearby, for example Gothenburg.”

What is it like being a student in Sweden?

“I have enjoyed being a student here. I have felt it less stressful to study here, because I got a good balance between school work and life. My Swedish classmates have taken care of me a lot, and I have felt a huge warmness from them. The education here is more focused on our individual expression, and the equality between all students.  I am impressed by how independent, rich of initiative, and impressive they are. I really have enjoyed the atmosphere, which has motivated me a lot.”

What do you do at the study programme in textile design?

“We have learned about different theories about weaving, been presented a lot of textile samples, developed our own weaving patterns, worked on the jacquard machine, done historical research, learned lace technique, worked in a groups, and made a project based on interior textile design.

What is the best about the programme?

“I love that you are free to make decisions by yourself. You can try out lots of different yarns and materials to develop your projects, and you have the time to do all that. You cooperate in groups, do presentations and learn from each other.”

Sustainable development is targeted at the university, within research as well as in education, how was this expressed in your studies?

“We have done a project, in which we had to choose a textile material which is sustainable and is beneficial to the environment. We also have had a lecture about the negative impact the textile industry has on our planet, and that actually raised my concerns about sustainability.”

What are your plans for the future?

“First of all I will focus on my graduation exhibition work, and improve my portfolio before I graduate, so that I can apply for an internship, either in my home country or abroad. I will probably apply for a textile design Master’s program in a Nordic country, or in another European country. I want to work for an international company related to interior textile or clothing. In the future, I want to start my own business and be able to visit different countries.”

Published: 2019-09-06

Photo: Private photo