Student groups

Interest groups:

BORING – Borås Engineers Student Association, is a social association that is far from boring! They focus on networking between student groups as well as with companies.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a social group that focuses on integrating international and Swedish students by organising social events. With them you will have friends from all over the world!

Looking for Brew – Computer gaming association that does everything from hanging out in Discord to arranging game nights and parties.

Spelsällskapet – Gaming association that is a social group with an interest in board games. They have regular meetings as they play card, board and role-playing games and have tea and coffee.

Event and party groups:

Klubb Klemming is the social group with a focus on coffee and having a nice time. The association is one of the older ones and was founded from the beginning by librarian students but is now open to everyone.

Otyg is the event group that gives you a warm welcome! Between dinners and parties, they enjoy taking it easy, doing crafts, and having movie nights. An evening is never complete without a pile of hugs.

Sexmästeriet is the event association with the most traditions. A key word for them is devotion when it comes to organising, planning, and participating in events, even outside of Borås.

Svina is the association that, according to themselves, is a little bit better than all the others. They organise parties and dinners, but also like to explore and go on ski trips and go to parties outside Borås.

7k-skriven – Event association for Humanitas is a closed group with many open activities such as parties, ski trips, and dinners. They also go to events outside of Borås.

Contact the groups via Facebook to learn more!