From textile design to print designer

What work do you do today?

“I work as a print designer at Gina Tricot and I also work freelance in illustration and design.”

What does your job involve?

“My work largely consists of continuously doing trend and external analyses. Everything from keeping track of trend agencies to the latest views on social media. Based on these things, we identify trends and concepts which we then use in our collections. My area of responsibility is to produce all the prints and placement prints* for Gina Tricot's products together with each designer. Everything from jacquards to knitted sweaters, patterned dresses, accessories, or our concept collection Gina mini.”

Why did you choose to study Textile Design?

“I have always had a significant interest in textiles and design but had a hard time knowing which specialisation I would choose. Therefore, the textile design education felt like a perfect choice for me, as it is possible to work in many different industries with a basis in textile materials and design.”

What was best about the education?

“Definitely the access to the fantastic workshops with lab technicians and teachers. Also the opportunity for internships. In addition, we were a small and creative class that I have learned a lot from.”

Have you benefited from your education in your current job?

“Like many other educational programmes, it differs from working. What I have mainly brought with me are the tools to work creatively under time pressure, to advocate for and reflect on my decisions, as well as an ability to try out different types of projects within design.

The training is an intense but fantastic time where you get the opportunity to experiment with your creative process and develop yourself as a designer.”

Why did you choose the Swedish School of Textiles?

“Because it is the only institution in Sweden that has a design education with textiles as the focus area.”


* Placement print is, for example, a print on a T-shirt or hoodie. Unlike a pattern used on a whole garment.

Name: Ida Linde
Education: Textile Design
Degree: 2016

Text: Annie Klasén, 2020-12-01. Translation: Eva Medin. Photo: Private