Student Vito

Vito builds an important network and lays the foundation for a future career in the fashion industry

Vito with colourful background

Why did you choose the Master’s programme in Fashion Marketing and Management? 

“Personally, I decided to study fashion marketing and management because of two main factors: I love art, design, and fashion, and I loved the idea of being in strict contact with a creative environment during my Master’s degree. The second reason is the vast approach that this programme has on the fashion and textile world, giving a lot of information on for example sustainability, which is a key point of interest for me.” 

What do you learn in your programme?

“I have learned a complete set of skills necessary to work, manage, and sell anything in the fashion world and beyond. The courses are focused on the managerial side more than the marketing and merchandising side of the business, but the notions and courses often bring a more holistic approach to the various disciplines.” 

What is the best thing about the programme?

“The people and the connections you make. Networking in a school like the University of Borås, and  for me, at the Swedish School of Textiles where my education is held, is both great as a perspective for future careers and to meet new, interesting, amazing people.”

How did you find out about the programme?

“I was looking for an opportunity to study fashion and textile management in a Nordic country and I found the university through the main website.”

What did you do before you started your studies at the University of Borås?

“I studied tourism, sports, and events management in Bruneck, a city in northern Italy.” 

What career opportunities will you have after your studies? 

“I will have the opportunity to hopefully work for some great brands in the fashion and clothing market, as well as an opportunity to keep studying and researching through a PhD.” 

What do you do dream about doing in five years? 

“I dream about being able to work in an environment that stimulates my creativity in storytelling and my love for research.” 

What country are you from?

“I come from Valdobbiadene, a small town in northeastern Italy.” 

Why did you choose to study in Sweden, and Borås? 

“I chose to study in Sweden to broaden my horizons and to get knowledge on a culture that is opposed and parallel to my own. Borås was an intriguing choice to get a different perspective on Sweden while still being in a very open city for immigrants and very close to the major capitals and cities of the Nordic countries.” 

Where is your favourite place on campus? 

“My favourite places on campus are the common areas of the Textile Fashion Center, where you get to meet a variety of people and exchange ideas and laughter with your new friends.” 

What tips do you have for those considering applying to the same programme as you? 

“The main tip I can give to anyone interested is to consider this Master’s as more than just an academic learning experience. The people you get to meet and exchange ideas with in Borås are the most interesting and genuine that you will meet. Enjoy your stay in Sweden, and don’t get discouraged by the difficult winters, the summers are worth it.“

Why should people study at the Swedish School of Textiles and the University of Borås?

“You will have a full university experience in the heart of Sweden. Everyone should get to experience the student life of such a close community like the one provided by the international students in Borås, and the networking and friends you will meet will make it even more sweet, even through the hard Swedish winter.”

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Published: 2024-03-26

Text: Sara Lundgren
Photo: Sara Lundgren