CoMiMo – Connected Micro Mobility

CoMiMo – Connected Micro Mobility

Micromobility shows exponential growth in cities in food home delivery, e-commerce delivery and MaaS with electric scooters. Delivery companies such as Foodora have rapidly established and expanded new services based on micromobility. This is a great potential for sustainable cities and transport efficiency, however there are significant challenges.


A verified system solution that removes the obstacles that exist today for connected, efficient and safe micromobility.

Expected results

A system solution is developed where a unique multi-functional station is the base - the beacon - to solve crucial obstacles with geofencing for user verification, proper parking, security and eliminating the waste of time, logistics and costs of battery management. The project's demo will show solutions based on geofencing and connected vehicles that together enable efficient, safe and accessible micromobility.

The potential is an open ecosystem in the EU through collaboration within standards for digitization and battery replacement through participation in the SBMC (Swappable Battery Motorcycle Consortium), which enables the solution to be transport and cost-effective as well as simple for users and thus accessible to everyone - even groups that today are often forgotten.

The project is coordinated by Lund University. Coordinator at University of Borås is Jonas Waidringer, by the research group Industrial Engineering and Management. 

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