Industrial Engineering and Management

Industrial Engineering and Management

The research group consists of competencies with an expertise in, among other things, product optimization, manufacturing, societal development, transport and logistics, as well as complex adaptive systems, of which AI and Big Data are subgroups.

It is our firm belief that we are in the midst of a radical societal change and therefore there is a great need to develop new conceptual approaches, methods and models and tools, where the concepts of complexity, adaptation and dynamics in connection with AI and a digital sustainable society are the key!

Based on the above, we have identified four focus areas in which we work:

Industry 4.0 - A competitive manufacturing industry

We focus on the challenges and opportunities that small and medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industry have in meeting requirements for digitalisation.


Society - Sustainable development in urban and rural areas

We focus on the challenges and opportunities that digitalisation, AI and machine learning mean for society at large, with an extra focus on societal development, infrastructure and urban planning. 



Education - AI and machine learning

We contribute to the dissemination and the democratisation about AI and machine learning through courses for both students and professionals.


Retail - Sustainable and efficient supply chains

We focus on the challenges and opportunities that, in particular, e-commerce companies face in the form of increased digitalisation and automation. 



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