Aim and purpose

The aim of the Digimode project is to develop a demonstrator for virtual design and sales with digitally enabled local production of apparel products that will enhance agility in the customer relation. The fulfilment of this purpose is made possible by digitalizing current analogue systems in design, marketing, rendering, customization and fitting. With a local digitally enhanced demand driven value chains of fabrics and garments the entire value chain can be demonstrated.

Expected results

The digitalization of certain current analogue processes will remove over production, eliminate stock-outs and reduce return rates in e-commerce as well as create a unique shopping experience for the consumer. Customization of apparel and fashion products has proven to significantly lower return rates, as low as to below one per cent.

Project execution

The duration of the project is 18 months and it starts in Jan 2017. The focus of the project is enhancing commercially available cutting edge technologies and a functioning demonstrator will be created during the project. It will consist of two parts connected by cloud based systems, one for virtual design and sales technology and one for enabling local digital demand driven manufacturing.