Textile Value Chain Management (TVCM)

Textile Value Chain Management (TVCM)

Within the area of textile and fashion research at University of Borås through the Swedish School of Textiles, research in textile value chain management (TVCM) focuses primarily on the examination and development of ‘new’ structures, models and forms, and their underlying variables and antecedents that would enable sustainable value generation in textile and fashion enterprises, industry, and for the environment and society at large.

Generic textile-fashion value chains


Important research areas within its scope are for example in: digitalization, circularity, risk and resilience, transparency and traceability, customization, servitization, agility, inter-organizational collaboration, localization and right-shoring, along the processes of production, design, retail, distribution and logistics in extended textile and fashion enterprises. Within its scope, research projects are carried out in close cooperation with the textile and fashion industry, both in Sweden and globally that creates a unique networked environment leading to applicable results.

TVCM research at the University of Borås is multidisciplinary in nature which adopts and connects to various knowledge bases from fields such as business and economics, industrial management, and subjects within the fields that address phenomena that are of concern to the textile industry (e.g. design and textile technology).

By doing so, the aim is to contribute to enhanced knowledge and competencies that increase the textile industry's national and international competitiveness and its ability to create sustainable value. The research outcomes add to existing knowledge on how textile value chains become more customer-oriented, knowledge-based, digitally-integrated, resilient and resource-efficient, in one word more sustainable.

Research Output of TVCM

Past affiliated researchers

  • Mattila, Heikki (TUT, Finland)
  • Torstensson, Håkan (HB, Sweden)
  • Carlsson, Jan (HB, Sweden)

Graduated PhD:s

  • Kumar, Vijay (2017)
  • Ma, Ke (2018)
  • Paras, Manoj Kumar (2018)
  • Agrawal, Tarun Kumar (2019)
  • Sara Harper (2022)


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