Sustainable Digital Technologies Toward Printed Sensor Applications For Smart-functional Textiles


The research project ‘Sustainable Digital Technologies Toward Printed Sensor Applications For Smart-functional Textiles’ granted by Erasmus+ is an educational-industrial collaboration of partners in Estonia, Sweden and the Netherlands. TTK University of Applied Sciences (coordinator), University of Borås, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Disaintekstiil/Moomoo and SPG Prints aim to innovate textile education through digital technologies.

Digital and resource-efficient processes have large potential to boost the breakthrough of smart and functional printed textiles, as these products often necessitate high-cost materials and only require small batches. The transformation of the industry toward digital technologies can tackle several challenges in the domain, boost innovation and strengthen European textile production in a high-tech domain.

Considering the needs of the industry the partners target to provide a strong and modern educational base for emerging demands of today’s textile production and to reach the level of sustainability required by the EU’s environmental agreements.

The project focuses on developing educational concept modules on three different levels – Bachelor, Master and applied research level to attract both textile engineering daily learners as well distance education and adult training. The idea of the concept is to provide knowledge without completing a full higher education programme and upskill or reskill to meet labour market needs or to develop professionally after starting work.

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European collaboration boosting sustainable digital technologies for sensor applications

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