Digital Opportunity Matching

Digital Opportunity Matching

Managing and administering your human capital – that is, your employees and their skills – is far from easy. This is especially true for global companies, where employees number in the thousands and are spread around the world. Here, research can help large companies make the transition to a digital working life, strengthen their competitiveness, and attain significant savings.

The goal of Digital Opportunity Matching is to find a solution where AI combined with human intelligence can work together to help large companies manage and steward their human capital. Researchers at the University of Borås will develop a digital platform to help Volvo AB with skills matching. A second part of the project is to consider the risks and opportunities that may exist.

The project builds on experiences from the project Data-Driven Innovation, which was funded by the Knowledge Foundation. The research team investigated barriers and strategies for managing data-driven innovation in collaboration with Volvo AB.
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Project Leader

Anders Hjalmarsson Jordanius, RISE (projektägare)

Researchers/University employees

External project members