DiMo-NEXT - Next Level of Digital Motion in Sports, Fitness and Well-being

DiMo-NEXT - Next Level of Digital Motion in Sports, Fitness and Well-being

This requires deep know-how on material properties and development which is why the consortium closely collaborates in sensor integration, development, customisation and production of these flexible materials & miniaturised electronic components through additional industry competence (Datwyler, Infineon, KARL MAYER, Wintersteiger).

Actuator technology will be developed to promote guided movement with prosthetics and exoskeletons for digitally enhanced guided movement.

Partners with proven excellence in these technologies are included in the consortium (Elysium Industries, tech2people, Saphenus). This enables investigations from mechatronics to functional and sustainable fibres.

In addition to sports motives of the original project, DiMo-NEXT specifically expands on injury prevention (safety) and long-term physical and mental performance in both novice and competitive athletes.

DiMo-NEXT also includes competences and partners in fitness and well-being (Adidas, Bärenhof, UNIQA) addressing adjacent industries.

The consortium consists of 26 partners from six countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland) covering the entire value chain from data to value creation and focusing on the sports and fitness sector. Experience, scientific know-how and synergies between DiMo-NEXT companies and academia are paired in an appropriate complimentary manner.

The project is funded by: COMET Compentence Centers for Excellent Technologies - COMET Projects