E-CLIC (European Collaborative Innovation Centres for broadband media services)

E-CLIC (European Collaborative Innovation Centres for broadband media services)

The overall aim of the E-CLIC project is to establish eight E-CLIC Centres across the North Sea Region. The focus of the centres is collaboration and innovation in the field of broadband media services:

- E-CLIC Värmland (Sweden)
- E-CLIC Borås (Sweden)
- E-CLIC Hannover (Germany)
- E-CLIC Wilhelmshaven (Germany)
- E-CLIC Groningen (Netherlands), 
- E-CLIC Kortrijk (Belgium)
- E-CLIC Norfolk (Great Britain)
- E-CLIC Rogaland (Norway)

The aim and objective for the E-CLIC project is to establish and develop a strong cluster in the North Sea Region (NSR) primarily focusing on broadband services and product development. With 16 partners from six EU-countries a platform and a good balance between different competencies, branches, companies, universities and organizations can be created. Collaboration within and over the boundaries is what gives E-CLIC its strength and effectiveness. The aim is to develop the capacity for growth and employment across the NSR and build on the strength a transnational collaboration brings.

Research has shown that the adoption and use of information and communications technology (ICT) is strongly influenced by social and organizational practices. This is also true for cyberinfrastructure, where non-technical issues will determine its practical effectiveness. The E-CLIC Borås center will bridge the gap between technical and non-technical aspects of cyberinfrastructure.

Project Leader

Sture Hermansson, Katarina Nordmark (Länsstyrelsen i Värmland/County Administrative Board of Värmland)

Researchers/University employees