International guest researcher

International guest researcher

SIIR approach to studying digital retailing is that it needs to be multi-disciplinary in order to develop an innovative and sustainable industry. The University and its partners believe that digitalisation of the retail industry is central in order to develop the sector, nationally and regionally.

As part of this multi-disciplinary approach, the project will engage visitor researcher Assoc. Prof. Christine Lundberg, who will contribute to two areas: shopping tourism and popular culture tourism. Lundberg works at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (SHTM), at the University of Surrey, UK. SHTM is UK's leading institution and one of Europe's top-ranked institutions in tourism research and education. Lundberg has a long international and national research and teaching experience as well as working closely with practice, in research projects, in the retail, tourism and creative industries.

SIIR's mission is to develop innovative approaches and tools for retailers. SIIR believes that the popular culture tourism field offers a great potential for intersectional developments for the retail industry including environmental design and consumption patterns. Lundberg is one of the leading researchers in the popular culture tourism field internationally with international relations important for publications in top tier academic journals and for applications for future research funding.


News: The retail sector will learn from popular culture tourism.