Multisensory, User-centred, Shared cultural Experiences through Interactive Technologies


Symposium: Towards Access for All - Inclusion through Multisensory Interactions

  • The start of project is marked by this symposium held on 17 October at University of Borås. You are warmly invited to join us. 

It also aims to promote Inclusion, Participation, Accessibility and Equal Opportunities for All through the development of a platform for remote immersive co-creative engagement with cultural assets and experiences. The MuseIT project will improve:

(a) accessibility of cultural assets by development of multisensory representations and alternative expressions to enable engagement by the public regardless of functional or sensory impairments,

(b) engagement with cultural assets and cultural co-creation by a broader public (regardless of variations in abilities and perceptual modalities),

(c) methodologies for preservation and safeguarding of cultural heritage with inclusion at its core.

Link to MuseIT

Researchers/University employees