SOFTWEAR SOFT actuators for Wearables, Exoskeletons, and Augmenting Robotics


The primary objective of SOFTWEAR is to train the next generation of European researchers in the multidisciplinary field of soft actuators.

Actuators are materials and components that can exert force on their surroundings, can change their shape, or can change their rigidity. The actuators developed in SOFTWEAR all have a greater or lesser textile element and are intended for integration into wearable and augmenting textiles. This is done by combining the subjects of chemistry, physics, mechanics, electronics, textile technology, design, human-machine interaction, and ethics in an interdisciplinary way, while at the same time, the doctoral students gain basic skills in product development, sustainability, intellectual property rights, and industrial realisation, which provides a unique added value to their future careers.

SOFTWEAR is a European collaboration with leading universities and companies.

The doctoral studies will be conducted, not only at their home university but also through in-depth study at other participating academic settings (so-called secondments) and in applied projects at industrial partners. SOFTWEAR will thus provide Europe with highly trained researchers in the emerging field of wearable technology, with a focus on integrating actuation. This will place Europe in a world-leading position in this field and will provide European companies with a highly skilled workforce in soft actuators and advanced smart textiles.

In the project, together with the University of Borås through the Swedish School of Textiles, Cergy Paris Université, the Technical University of Denmark, Johannes Kepler Universitat Linz, Technische Universität Dresden, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Decoratifs Paris, Universiteit Twente, EPFL, and the University of Florence collaborate with Linköping University as coordinator. The University of Wollongong Australia, the University of Yamanashi Japan, the Shibaura Institute of Technology Japan and the Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives CEA France serve as associated partners.

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