Tailored approaches to food waste prevention

context-specific measures in commercial kitchens

Tailored approaches to food waste prevention

The project focuses on food waste prevention in commercial kitchens by assessing, designing, implementing, and evaluating context-specific strategies for food waste prevention, both in the public and private sectors. To effectively address food waste, it is crucial to assess context-specific strategies within diverse commercial kitchens. These strategies acknowledge the unique circumstances of each kitchen, such as menu offerings, customer preferences, and operational constraints. The project partners include two school kitchens and a restaurant.

The project consists of three work packages:

  1. Assessing context-sensitive factors that contribute to food waste generation in the participating kitchens
  2. Identifying, designing, and implementing strategies to prevent or reduce food waste in the participating kitchens
  3. Evaluating the effectiveness of the implemented strategies to generate knowledge that can be applied and generalized to other commercial kitchens in Europe.

The research findings will encompass the effectiveness of the strategies and their potential for future food waste prevention in commercial kitchens.