The project would demonstrate that by leveraging latest blockchain, AI/ML, crypto-tagging technologies, we would be able to transform the fashion industry to be more circular, by increasing cooperating among stakeholders in fashion

Expected results and effects

By (i) significantly decreasing the cost of uniquely identifying and tracking garments (ii) increasing access to knowledge on circular design (iii) increasing collaboration ability of stakeholders for new business models, the platform will drive responsible production and consumption. Our offerings such as - Circular design suggestions, automated sorting, Life-cycle management support - recycling/repair suggestions, supply chain transition analysis, enabling Garment as a Service will increase the contribution of circular business models from 1% to 25% by 2030

Planned approach and implementation

Solution will be developed in modular, scalable way building on the learning from our market interactions as per a continuous improvement project plan. First module enables brands to analyze their AS-IS circularity state will be made available by August 2019. Garment Identification System that integrates our blockchain, crypto-tags and circularity profile will be release by February 2020. Solution modules that enable Garment as a Service will be made available by the end of August 2020. Based on the learning we aim to publish a “Guide to circularity - using Digital Tools” by Dec’2020

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