Catrine Brödje

Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT (including The Swedish School of Library and Information Science)
— Department of Educational Work

Telephone: 033-435 4094


Room number: B604

Signature: CABR

After receiving my subject teacher degree in 1983, I worked for many years in secondary and upper secondary education and in municipal adult education. I received my doctorate in 1998 at Stockholm University and 2002–2017 I was employed as a Senior Lecturer in literature at Halmstad University. There I taught and conducted course development both in general literary studies and in the subject of Swedish in the subject teacher education programme. I was also Director of Studies for the Culture and Communication Programme 2006–2012. During the period January 2013–June 2016, I had two administrative assignments, both as Head of Department at the Section for the Humanities and as Head of Department at the Academy for Learning, Humanities and Society. Since August 2017, I have had a senior lecturer position in Swedish with a didactic focus at the University of Borås. Here I teach and conduct course development in the subject of Swedish for several teacher programmes. I also share programme responsibility with a colleague from Library and Information Science for a master's programme in educational work with a focus on literature education.

Virtually all my research is permeated by a gender-theoretical perspective, from my thesis "Another ten. A study on Anna Lenah Elgström’s tens prose "(1998) and on until my ongoing research project with the working title "Love's Mined Field. Gender and class in twelve contemporary novels 1912–2013,” where I make three strategic choices, namely of the 1910s, the 1930s, and the present. I am about to finish this research project and hopefully it will be presented in book form in 2020.

I am also interested in other research areas, such as narratological and intermedial issues as well as the relationship between the reading of fiction and the development of empathic ability. After completing the above-mentioned research project, I will start a literature-didactic research project.