Derya Vural Meijer

Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business (including The Swedish School of Textiles)
— Department of Business Administration and Textile Management

Telephone: 033-435 4253


Room number: L407

Signature: DEVU

Since January 2022 I am a senior lecturer in business studies, specialising in accounting, at the Department of Business Administration and Textile Management, University of Borås. Before joining the department, I was a senior lecturer at the Business Studies department at Uppsala University, where I also obtained my PhD dissertation in May 2017 on Swedish publicly listed firms’ accounting disclosure practices.

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My main research interest concerns firms’ accounting practices, disclosures, compliance with accounting standards and their effects on capital markets. I primarily conduct quantitative capital market-based accounting research and study Swedish listed and non-listed firms.

Currently my teaching includes bachelor and master level thesis advising, international accounting and accounting theory.

Researcher's publications in DiVA (Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet)

Doctoral thesis title

Disclosing the Books: Evidence on Swedish publicly listed firms' accounting disclosure practices