Mariela Acuña Mora

Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare
— Department of Caring Science

Telephone: 033-435 4071


Signature: MRAC

As a lecturer, I am particularly interested in encouraging students to learn about quantitative methods and its relevance within nursing science. On the other hand, my research focuses on young persons with chronic conditions and their involvement in care during the transition to adult care and adulthood.


External research group

The goal is to generate new knowledge about aspects of care during transitions within health care. This is carried out by studying, developing, and evaluating the effects of both new and existing care models in order to be able to improve care during transitions between different care providers.

Furthermore, the aim is to map out the consequences for the patients in terms of e.g. medical outcomes and psychosocial aspects of deficiencies in the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare. Initially, the research group's starting point is the target group of young people with long-term conditions.

Health care transition research group

Doctoral thesis

Patient empowerment during the transition to adulthood in young persons with chronic conditions