May Kahoush

Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business (including The Swedish School of Textiles)
— Department of Textile Technology

Telephone: 033-435 4202


Room number: S461

Signature: MYKA

I work as a lecturer at the department of textile technology. My research focus on sustainability and ecotechnologies within textiles including fiber extraction and characterization, nonwoven technology, surface modification/ functionalization of textile structures and recycling.

Previously, I conducted my postdoctoral fellowship within Vinnova-funded project “Bio-based residual streams with potential in the technical textiles”. I hold a PhD in textile material technology from University of Borås (Sweden), ENSAIT (France) and Soochow University (China) within joint doctorate program (SMDTex).

Researcher's publications in DiVA (Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet)

Doctoral thesis title

Eco-technologies for immobilizing enzymes on conductive textiles, for sustainable development

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