Pictures and films for the university

That which we collect is used to inform the public about our activities in various channels. Examples of channels are the university's website, HB-play, digital presentations, printed materials, and social media. The material can be widely disseminated, and the university cannot control or limit the use of the material by others. The material may be published together with any personal information you have provided.

When we publish material on social media, it may be transferred to the United States, where the protection of personal data is not sufficient compared to GDPR.

We have received your consent, orally or in writing. You have the right to revoke this consent at any time. In that case, we will not continue to use the material we have that includes you. However, material that has already been published is generally not affected by a revoked consent. Read more about how to proceed to revoke your consent.

Information about the processing of personal data (in Swedish only so far).