Social Media Comment Policy

In order for such conversation to be based on the same premises, we have comment rules that everyone must follow. These rules apply to our own posts on our page as well as to responses to the university's posts and comments on advertisements.

The University of Borås is a governmental authority and its work is based on the government’s core values which have to do with, among other things, democracy, legality, objectivity, free opinion formation, respect, and service. Therefore, we do not allow comments that are:

  • Discriminatory, e.g.racism, hatred towards minorities, threats, derogatory epithets, personal attacks, etc.

We will also moderate comments that:

  • Are of a harassing, unkind, or inappropriate nature
  • Are off topic
  • Contains images that may be considered inappropriate or offensive

We will delete such comments. All deleted comments are photographed and registered. We always indicate in the comment thread that we have moderated it.

We will also delete comments that are:

  • Spam

Those who violate our community standards may also be blocked.