PHD supervision at University of Borås (UB) – workshop 

For all who supervisor or will soon supervise PhD students at UB, you are invited to a workshop to find out about the latest procedures and guidelines for doctoral education at University of Borås, and to meet others who are supervising at UB.  

Facilitators: Eva Gustafsson, Tomas Wahnström, and Hanna Kantola 
Date: March 2 
Time: 13.00 to 15.00 

The session will be held in English via zoom (zoom address will be provided upon registration) 

This workshop is part of the Supervision Series organised by the HUF unit. All staff are welcome. Staff participating in the current ‘Supervising Doctoral Students’ course are automatically registered for the workshop.  

For queries, please contact Kathleen Mahon ( or Hanna Kantola (  

Registration is now open. Please register by February 25. 

Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (3 credits)

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This course is for English-speaking teachers, especially doctoral students/post-doctoral researchers who teach or are about to assume teaching duties. This course will serve as a foundation for your professional development as a university teacher.

For more information contact Kathleen Mahon.

The language of instruction is English

Supervising Doctoral Students

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As a part of the university’s strategy to develop the overall competence of supervisors, the Department of Educational Research and Development offers a course for teachers with a doctoral degree who supervise or soon will supervise doctoral students.

The purpose of the course is to provide a deeper understanding of doctoral supervision in relation to the prerequisites and conditions of third-cycle programmes and the phases of the research process. The course includes central themes such as the objectives of third-cycle programmes, content and form, as well as local, national, and international regulations. Study cultures and different dimensions of power relationships in connection to supervision are discussed. The course also problematises supervision styles, situations, and the role of the supervisor, as well as different phases of the research process such as planning, critical thinking, and evaluation and communication of research results. The course comprises lectures, group discussions, literature seminars, and other activities.

The next course starts January 24, 2022. Instruction will be in English. However, assignments can be completed in Swedish. Some group work during session may also be undertaken in Swedish. For information about the course, please contact Kathleen Mahon.


Teaching and Learning in Higher Education 

The importance of pedagogically skilled teachers is taken seriously here at the University of Borås. All employees should be offered the opportunity to professional development, and the appointment procedure for permanent employment as assistant professor, senior lecturer or lecturer requires 10 weeks of full-time education or otherwise acquired knowledge. This is why the Department of Educational Research and Development offers the course Teaching and Learning in Higher Education every semester in order to continuously give the university’s teachers the opportunity to acquire the required basic teaching skills.

The language of instruction is Swedish.

Supervising Students in Undergraduate Programme 

The Department of Educational Research and Development offers training in supervision for teachers or doctoral students who supervise or will supervise students in their degree projects. The course comprises 7.5 credits and takes place during six scheduled full days.

The course gives an introduction to supervision, including overall regulations, the role of the supervisor, different parts of supervision, quality criteria, and ethical aspects. The content is partially designed together with the participants in order to cater to programme and faculty specific needs as well as individual requests. The course is examined through an individual assignment and a well-prepared seminar.

The language of instruction is Swedish. 

Teaching and learning in higher education – for beginners

This introduction is aimed at newly employed teachers without previous teaching experience and is offered continuously when needed. The introduction is given individually or in group, and comprises approximately half a day. The course treats different forms of teaching, course planning, and presentation techniques.

The language of instruction is Swedish. 

Academic Writing

Opportunities for developing your academic writing in English are organised as part of the joint initiative Academic Communication. The next scheduled activity, September 16, focusses on abstract writing for conferences and peer reviewed journals. See here for details.

The language of instruction is English, and places are limited.

Examination, assessment and grading in higher education

The Department of Educational Research and Development arranges a seminar series on the themes examination, assessment, and grading in higher education. The seminars are open to all teachers at the University of Borås with an interest in these issues and who want to develop their assessment skills.

The language of instruction is Swedish. 

Rules in all glory – but what about practice?

Supporting students with disabilities, how do I do that? This is a crash course for teaching staff on how to provide support and at the same time set up routines at the faculty. In the course we go through the following:

  • News in the Discrimination Act
  • Rules for supporting students with disabilities
  • “How did we do it?” Teachers’ experiences of giving support
  • Discussion and questions based on the participants’ experiences of the established rules

The language of instruction is Swedish.