After work travel

Travel costs should be reported in Primula.

Original tickets such as receipts and travel tickets must be complete and must be attached to the travel invoice. Credit card invoices are not accepted as receipts. Also attach programmes or similar where the purpose of the work travel and the dates of any conferences are stated.

Travel invoices are to be sent to HR Payroll and then certified by an authorised certifier.


Reviewers check and approve the information on the received travel invoice regarding:

  • times
  • accounts
    meal deduction, and
  • expenses claimed are consistent with the attached receipts
  • received travel advance is cleared
  • tickets paid for by the university are enclosed with an expense appendix
  • a reasonableness check of the exchange rate used in the case of expenses in foreign currency has been done.


The person approving the case verifies that the invoice received is correct regarding:

  • date
  • destination
  • purpose of the trip
  • total amount
  • as previously agreed/travel order with the traveller.

The approver makes the final approval of the travel invoice for payment.