Basic settings

Starting up for the first time

Insert the SIM card and make sure the device is charged. Start the device and choose your settings by following the on-screen instructions. You can choose to skip certain steps if you wish.

A detailed guide to setting up your iPhone can be found at:


Jamf is a remote management software used on iPhones, iPads and MacBooks to enable IT to manage devices at the university.

At the first start-up when you connect via mobile or wireless network, the Jamf login will be displayed. There you fill in your Signature and HB password. More information about Jamf

Apple ID

Your Apple ID is the account you use to access Apple services, for example when you download apps from the App Store and store your content on iCloud.

If you have an Apple ID linked to your email address at the university (, fill in your already created account. If not, create a new one and enter your email address ( as your Apple ID and follow the instructions.

Security code

Choose a password to protect your information on your device under Settings, select Password.

Apps and App Store

Via the App Store, you download apps to your device, where an Apple ID is required to identify you. Many of the apps are free of charge, but in cases where there is a cost and are to be purchased for the university, they are ordered via IT. These apps are owned by the University of Borås and follow the device.


With the iCloud service, you can back up your content to your device, such as photos, videos, and contacts, so that they are available even if your iPhone disappears.
In addition, you can access your saved content at any time from any of your devices.
The iCloud service and your backed up content can be found under

Find my iPhone

The Find My iPhone function must always be activated for security reasons. Should you lose or be robbed of your device, it can be tracked and deleted via

  1. Go to Settings, [your name] and select iCloud. Select Find My iPhone from the list and activate by sliding the slider.
  2. Also enable Send last location to be able to track the device even if it is switched off.


Software updates and app updates are released regularly, and often include security and bug fixes, and should be updated as soon as a new version is available.

Any updates to the operating system, iOS, can be found via Settings, General and Software update. Current updates of apps can be found under the Update tab in the App Store.

Contact information for the University of Borås

If you have synchronised contacts via Outlook, you will find contact information for university staff via a global address list that you can save to your contacts and therefore do not need to enter the contact information manually.

You can find the global address list under Contacts, Groups and select Global address list for… Find staff and create as a new contact if you wish.

Internet sharing

With Internet sharing, you can share the mobile data connection on your iPhone to other devices within the framework of your subscription. Activate Internet sharing under Settings, and select Internet sharing.