Reading of SMS

When someone sends an SMS to your exchange number instead of to your mobile number, you will receive a call with automatic reading of the message, e.g. when you reject the call with a reply message "I cannot take your call right now…"

When someone tries to send an SMS to your exchange number, it will not be delivered as a regular SMS, but will instead be delivered as a call to you where a system voice reads out the message.

First, your phone rings as usual. When you answer, a voice says that you have received an SMS and that it will be read out. You get two choices (choose option 2 because it is usually call rejection)

  1. Press 1 to have the SMS sent as text to a mobile number. This costs SEK 5.
  2. Press 2 to have the SMS read directly in the phone. You can choose to listen to the message again by pressing "2" at the end of the call. Getting an SMS read aloud is completely free. The sender's telephone number is always read out; please note it immediately.

My phone keeps ringing; why is this?

There can be for two reasons:

  1. If the call is interrupted before the entire message has been read out, the phone rings again to avoid your missing the message. A total of eight attempts are made, once an hour, to deliver the message. If the phone rings again, wait until the entire message is read out before hanging up and the calls will stop.
  2. You have received several text messages. The phone rings once for each text message. If you do not listen to the message, it will ring again.