Urkund (Ouriginal)

The student sends a document by email (using an email address provided by the teacher) or as an assignment in Canvas. The document is then compared with three central source areas: Internet, published material, and Urkund's (Ouriginal) archive of previously submitted student material (memoranda, academic papers, case studies, etc.).  The system then clearly presents the information that the teacher needs to determine whether plagiarism has occurred.

You can upload files/texts by logging in with your user information. Log in to Urkund (Ouriginal)

To know more about how the system works and about what support you as a teacher can have, please read more at:  Urkund/(Ouriginal)

Contribute to improved accuracy

Text matching is based on so-called indexing of various sources online. However, accuracy varies, as sometimes Ouriginal is not authorised to index the source. Other times, the domain under which an item/text is located may not be updated in the index. It has also happened that the server on which the article/text is located may have been down at the time when the text matching service was trying to reach it. It may also be the case that some technical error has occurred while downloading the source.

If you as a teacher/user suspect that a source is missing, you can contact Ouriginal. Use the "Are you missing a source from the list?" under the "Sources" tab of their interface in the analysis report. There, you as a user can schedule sources of indexing in their archives. The analysis itself will not be updated with this source, but it will be sent for indexing for future analyses.

  • You can receive your login information by contacting Urkund (Ouriginal) via support@ouriginal.com
  • Please note that only employees at the University of Borås who teach and/or supervise students/doctoral students can access the system.
  • Other kinds of support and user support, for example in the event of technical problems or questions about the analysis, can be provided by Urkund (Ouriginal).
  • Email support@ouriginal.com or call +46 (0)8–738 52 10