Research support

You can receive support and help from the library with, among other things, information seeking and support in the publishing process. The university's Grants and Innovation Office (GIO) can help you to find the right sponsor for your research and can provide you with support and advice when you write applications, during the course of your project, and even with reporting obligations at the end. GIO can help you protect your knowledge assets and find ways to go further with your research results. You will also find the entire Doctoral Student Handbook under Research support.

Professional development

The university offers a range of professional development offerings for researchers. The events can be found in the employee calendar. Log in to the employee website to receive notifications and invitations to events for researchers; that way you won't miss out on anything important!

Would you like to invite a support function to your research group or a one-on-one meeting? We welcome you to get in touch! You can find the contact details of each support function on this webpage. Do you have thoughts about the professional development activities on offer? Please contact any of the support functions, or Assistant Library Director Katharina Nordling or Research Communications Officer Lina Färm

The employee calendar can be accessed at

Read about professional development aimed at all employees at the University of Borås.