Quality assurance work in doctoral education


In order to facilitate high quality in our doctoral programmes, the university has identified nine prerequisites that must be ensured.

1. Establishment of educational programmes

2. Recruitment of a doctoral students

3. Implementation research projects

4. Supervision

5. Research environment

6. Courses

7. Collaboration

8. Student participation

9. Equal opportunities

Doctoral thesis defences

A high-quality research education means that high-quality doctoral theses are produced. Doctoral students’ research projects will ultimately be examined and thus have their quality assured by the research community through a public doctoral thesis defence. The articles included in the doctoral thesis theses are to be published in internationally recognised journals. Prior to the defence, it is ensured that the rules for examination at the university are followed and that the doctoral thesis's different components are designed in accordance with the scientific standard that can be expected.

Current regulations around doctoral thesis defences:


The Directors of Studies for the doctoral education programmes and the Research and Education Boards, alternatively their Research Education Committees, are those who primarily manage and organise the quality assurance work regarding doctoral education at the university. The main people responsible for the study and work environment for doctoral students are the Heads of Department.