Support for students with disabilities

The University of Borås offers all students the possibility to study on equal terms. Consequently, if you are a registered student and have a disability you may apply for targeted study support. The term disability, is defined as the physical, mental or developmental disabilities which pose substantial barriers to your ability to study. One such barrier is reading and writing disabilities/dyslexia.

Get in contact well in advance so we can plan your studies ahead. Please contact our co-ordinators for targeted study support Anita Lindahl or Josefin Skytt or send an email to disabilitysupport@hb.se. For students in Skövde, please contact Virpi Westin.

What kind of targeted study support is offered?

See Support for students with Disabilities.

Apply for targeted study support

To apply for targeted study support you must use the administration system Nais. You can log in to the system with your student account. Remember that you must have you certificates in a digital form as these must be attached to your application.

Log in and apply through Nais (external link)

Studying abroad

If you are interested in studying or working abroad, and have a disability of some kind, read more on the web site for the Independent Living Institute.


Anita Lindahl

Anita Lindahl, 

Coordinator for targeted study support
Telephone: +46 33-435 4262
Room: B 307
E-mail: disabilitysupport@hb.se


Josefin Skytt

Josefin Skytt

Coordinator for targeted study support
Room: B 321
Telephone: +46 33-435 4310
E-mail: disabilitysupport@hb.se


Coordinator for students with disabilities on Campus Skövde
Room: E-building, floor 1, Campus Skövde
E-mail: riktatstod@his.se